About the Baker

I've finally found my passion!!! It is my stomach. I LOVE eating bread, especially warm and coming from the oven. 


I grew up in Normandy and I miss the peace and contentment brought by family relationships and sharing piece of bread at the table.


In France, we are in love with our bread. It is the centre of a meal and has a strong purpose at the table. It is an accompanying piece in our conversations and main product to satisfy our stomachs.


I live in Chelston, a little village attached to Torquay. Most of the bread we buy these days seems to have been frozen and its hard to find good, old-fashioned artisan bread.

A few years ago, I decided to go back to my childhood, make my favourite, wholesome bread and share it with my family. They LOVED it and they kept asking for more. I’ve been sharing it with my friends over the years and got the same answer. They love it!!!! 


Now I have decided to share my bread with you in a simple way via this new website.

All of my bread is made with Organic flour, natural yeast, filtered water and pink Himalayan salt. It won’t replace the family talking around the table, but will help to complete your meal.  

You can collect your artisan loaf from my home, or for a small charge, I can deliver locally.

I love to share my passion for bread with you.

Bonne Appétit!